Talents Guadalajara

Talents Guadalajara

Talents Guadalajara is an intensive filmmaker summit from Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean within the Guadalajara’s International FIlm Festival and with the collaboration of Berlinale Film Festival, aimed to professional and creative networking throughout workshops, mentorships, master classes and conferences of the most relevant topics in the film industry.

Talents Guadalajara offers, a range of opportunities and international collaborations, reinforced by the Talents International programme around the world: Berlinale Talents, Talents Beirut, Talents Buenos Aires, Talents Durban, Talents Sarajevo y Talents Tokyo.

Who can apply?

Professional filmmakers without restriction of age born in Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean, as well as foreign filmmakers legalized or naturalized within the same countries. Thanks to an agreement between FICG and EICTV, graduated filmmakers of San Antonio de los Baños EICTV (Cuba) within the last five years can apply. Residence documents, double citizenship proof may be required during the selection process.

The Fields of Work (FOW) open to Talents Guadalajara are: actors, film critics, directors, animation directors, directors of photography, sound designers, composers, editors, scriptwriters and producers.

It is necessary to have in your filmography a minimum of two short films or a feature film that have been selected at a national or international film festival, and at the same time that endorses your experience as head of the field of work that you register for.


Applications from those who have been selected to previous editions of Talents Guadalajara will not be accepted, with the exception of producers or directors who sign up for Talent Coproduction Meeting (see information below) or animation directors who sign up for Talent Motion Studio for the first time .

How Can I Apply?

The entire registration process is done online by a submission form, that asks personal and professional data as well as information about experience in the cinematographic field. A three minute demo clip of your work is also requested, this clip can contain one or two scenes of a film project where you have played the professional workfiel you are applying for.

Please, share only excerpts from film projects. Showreels, trailers or project teasers, as well as music and advertising videos will not be accepted. Make sure you have the corresponding permits for the rights to the materials.

Scriptwriters and critics will have to complement their registry with a PDF file of a script of their authorship, in the case of screenwriters; or film critics or reviews in the case of Film Critics professionals.

To participate it is essential to speak Spanish and it is recomended to have fluent English, as some of the conferences and activities will be held in this language.

Dates and Results
Talents Guadalajara will select an approximate group of 50 participants, diverse and balanced by their gender and nationality, based on the quality, creativity and narrative of the participant’s work with the guidance of a selection committee.

The results will be announced by email to all the applicants at the beggining of January 2019 and the final list will be published in official websites of FICG and Talents Guadalajara on January 21 of the same year.

Talents Guadalajara: Filmocracy

Conferences Master Classes Program

Who sets the rules?
The Guadalajara International Film Festival in collaboration with Berlinale Talents and the support of Goethe-Institute Mexiko and International Federation of Film Critics FIPRESCI presents the eleventh edition of Talents Guadalajara under the theme “Filmocracy”; inspired in the search of the rules that define and guide our film industry.
Cinema is in constant change. From production to distribution, a new set of practices are constantly been generated, responding to the needs and challenges of the world. In this evolutionary and revolutionary process, creatives are pushed to either renew or die. There are those who refuse change, holding to the old structures that define them and those meant to break the paradigms, in order to conceive something new.
Which are the precepts that define the current film industry? Which seem to be valid? Which are now obsolete? What are we doing to avoid being left behind in this transformation? And most importantly, who is setting them up?
From March 8th to 13th of 2019 Talents Guadalajara will gather 50 young filmmakers selected from 602 applications and 24 different countries. Each one of them outstands by innovation, boldness, and creativity; eager to question and defy their craft, in order to master it and be ready to question it again.
Together, with the group of filmmakers and film professionals invited to our activities, will work to imagine and create a new Latin-American cinema that resonates throughout the entire world.


Let's make it big to the big screen!
Talents Guadalajara presents the very first Talent Project Market, previously known as Talent Co Production Meeting the programme coached by Marjorie Benedeck will excel for having the very own space at the Guadalajara Film Market, where industry professionals and filmmakers present to FICG will have a place to sit with our Talents and work together to make it big.
Seven projects in development that show a diversity of genres and formats that hold the line of thought of Talents Guadalajara. Two Talents Alumni come through, the Mexican director and screenwriter Hipatia Argüero with her project "Si me matan" and Venezuelan director Héctor Silva Nuñez with the project "Hueso".
Six newcomers will join, Mexican producer based in California, Diego Najera with the project "Bolichicos" and Mexican-greek director Antonios Arapostathis presenting a first feature film. From Central America and the Caribbean, Salvadorean director Leslie Ortiz and the project "Oscuridad" and Dominican producer Wendy Espinal with the documentary project "Humanae".
As part of the Talents International initiative, the winner project at Talents BsAs will be presented by Argentinean director Manque La Banca presenting the documentary "Esquí".


Urgent and necessary
Each year Talents Guadalajara invites ten active filmmakers and industry professionals to be part of the selection committee and help us to discover the upcoming filmmakers that will join the summit, studios, and labs.
This year's committee was constituted by Brazilian programmer Eloisa Lopez-Gomez; Mexican producers Ana Paula Suarez, and Luna Marán; Honduran consultant and trainer Marjorie Bendeck; filmmaker and head director of Festival del Cine del Desierto Oliver Rendón; as well as producer and sound designer Odín Acosta and Mexican director David Pablos.
For Talent Press, the group was selected by renowned FIPRESCI film critics Annemarie Meier (Austria-Mexico), Mariangel Solomita (Uruguay) and Eduardo Guillot (Spain).
Talents Guadalajara continues to remain as an urgent and necessary space for upcoming filmmakers that will represent Latin-American cinema with fantastic stories and vibrant imagery throughout the world.



Talents Guadalajara is the top summit space for filmmakers who have stood out for their originality, talent and vision for the future, always starting from today, reflecting their reality and innovating towards tomorrow

The program includes Master Classes, conferences, movie screenings and dynamics within the framework of FICG and in close collaboration with the FICG Industry, which seeks to bring the participants to the most relevant and current topics in the film industry

Talents Circle
Small dynamics for Talents Guadalajara participants only where the exchange of ideas and networking are the main focus. In these circles we seek to question and rethink in community the new vision of filmmaking.

Meet the Experts
Small format meetings with people from the industry about future projects of the participants, a perfect oportunity to ask questions directly in a comfortable talk with an industry professional.

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Talent Guadalajara’s Studios are workshops designed in the different fields of work, to develop interaction between its participants and mentors. Experts from the world cinematographic industry, share their knowledge and acquired experience, through analysis and practical activities.

  • Directing & Camera Studio

    Directing & Camera Studio

  • Editing & Sound Studio

    Editing & Sound Studio

  • Acting Studio

    Acting Studio

  • Script Studio

    Script Studio

  • Talent Motion Studio

    Talent Motion Studio

Talent Project Market

Talents Guadalajara, in collaboration with the FICG Industry’s and Guadalajara Film Market, open call to participate in Talent Project Market, professional pitching experience for feature film projects (documentary or fiction) in development.

Participants will be in an intensive pitching workshop with exclusive training for each project in order to present it among industry professionals attending the framework of FICG Industry activities and access the possibility of obtaining producers and co-producers for their films.

The call is open to producers and directors who have a project in development with the following information: Bio-filmography of producer and director, short and long synopsis, budget, provisional financing plan, project status and director’s statement.


It is necessary to show audiovisual content, for example, teaser of the project, trailer or a demo clip of the director´s previous works.

To participate, it is essential to speak fluenty english, since many of the appointments are agreed with international co-producers.

If you meet the requirements, you must complete your profile as indicated in the general submission form. Once complete, you will be asked to upload your feature film project to a PDF format for evaluation.

The selection committee is made up of producers and directors experts in the field, they will choose the most interesting and solid projects, based on its theme and viability for an international co-production.

Talent Press

Talent Press Guadalajara is an intensive training progrmme presented and supported by the International Federation of FIilm Critics FIPRESCI. The participants are invited to the festival to watch and review daily the films within the programming of FICG under the mentorship of renowned film critics, who share their impressions and points of view about the written material.

2019 Film Critics



Fernando García

Fernando García

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Diego Guerra

Diego Guerra

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Paulina E. Cano

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Felipe Curiel

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